Sunday, 27 February 2011

'Where it all began'

Here's the hospital where Michael was born. He was very thrilled and emotional about seeing where, as he calls it, 'It all began'. My mother says that she vividly remembers walking across the courtyard where this was taken. 'Das Baby kommt', is a phrase she'll never forget hearing that early morning.

Here we are sitting down at zum Grünen Baum for a bit of Bavarian food.

This is a typical Sunday afternoon meal in Bavaria. It's called Shweinebraten (It's like pork chops, but they cook it in a way that the skin is really hard and crispy. Michael didn't like that part, so I was magnanimous and helped him out by eating his pork skin. Mmm...lecker.

This is a view of the Olympia Park from the BMW Welt building. It's the closest big park to where I live, so I'm in the Olympia Park rather often.

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