Monday, 29 March 2010

Nürnberger Christkindlmarkt

These are all made of Marzipan (almond paste).

Sunset on the Isar

Often walk my dogs along the Isar River which runs through Munich. This was a nice photo I got in the dead of winter.

Saturday, 27 March 2010

Statue across from the Octoberfest Wies'n

This is a little park near where the beer fest happens. You only know about it if you live here, or had too much German beer and hallucinated that the gremlins were chasing you. These horses will protect you until you come down from your beer-induced psychosis.

Friday, 26 March 2010

Bar Corso in the Glockenbach Viertel

My friend Sophie opened this place several years ago. It's fantastic. Great food and even better atmosphere.

Regensburger Dom

This small city has part of a wall which dates back to the second century C.E. Unbelievable to look at. Anytime I get the morning off and the weather's nice, I consider hopping on a train and taking a trip to Regensburg. It's a university town and has wonderful, youthful energy.

The city was very wealthy in both the Renaissance and Gothic parts of the Middle Ages. When the city lost favour with the powers that be and other cities like Augsburg or Salzburg became more important trade routes, Regensburg became an also-ran. A has-been.

Fortunately for us, that meant that when other cities developed architecturally, Regensburg was stuck with the same old, Renaissance/Gothic architecture. Today, you walk down a simple road here and see buildings from the time that Munich was still an apple in his mother's eye.

Wednesday, 24 March 2010


Munich-Neuhausen is where I've lived since 2001. This picture shows a Platz in the neighbourhood that has a memorial to those who resisted the Nazis during the war.

Across the street is Cafe Freiheit. Although overpriced, the service is good and the food above-average.


Art Deco is all over the city. This cafe in particular has great Art Deco interiors, as well. Beautiful place if you're ever in Munich.

Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Candidplatz underground station

The underground system was built in preparation for the 1972 Olympics (the present day U3/U6 were the only lines at the start).

This is a stop on the U1 called Candidplatz. Especially because of both Candide and the rainbow, I always think of Lennie Bernstein when I'm standing here.

Theatiner Kirche

Friday, 19 March 2010

Louis, Ella and I on Fockenstein

Fränkischer Stier

Nürnberg, Würzburg and Bamberg are the main cities in a very historically important region called Franken. Although it's technically still Bavaria, don't tell them that.

Unlike their southern neighbours, they drink more wine than beer and speak a dialect that is unintelligible to other German speakers.

Isar Tor

Saturday, 13 March 2010

Tuesday, 9 March 2010

Alte Peter in München

You might be able to see the observation deck near the top of the church tower. It's open to the public and a great place to look out over the city.

Monday, 8 March 2010

Part of the Nymphenburger Schloß

Behind the City Hall

Springtime might be the most vibrant time of year in Munich. It's true elsewhere, but here the people who've been wearing layers upon layers of clothing practically disrobe and welcome the sun.

In the Englishergarten, they literally disrobe for this.

Dießen am Ammersee

Monday, 1 March 2010

Church in Dachau

You'd be a bit surprised to find out that Dachau has had an infamous artist's colony for generations. Long before the National Socialists decided to put a concentration camp for primarily political prisoners in this little Bavarian town just north of Munich, there was a group of artists that made this a very nice, comfortable place to live and create.

This church is at the centre of the old town and I took the photo well after sundown. Dachau is one of the best kept secrets of this corner of Bavaria.


This is in Munich-Westend. It's where the Octoberfest happens. For more than twenty years, this neighbourhood was 'the next Schwabing'. In reality, Haidhausen took that distinction. Westend is still the Westend. Und das ist gut so.

On the Isar

Fockenstein near Tegernsee

Sunset and view of Münchner Frauenkirche

Last day of February 2010


The purpose of this blog, and why its different from the others I do, is that I didn't have a place for just the photos I take (I take a lot of photos-some of them are good).

Hope you enjoy.

Ken Macbeth
Munich 1 March 2010