Tuesday, 1 March 2011

monkeys and transport

Not only did we walk through the English Garden yesterday (Here's Michael in front of the Chinese Tower), but we walked along the Isar River all the way to the Munich Zoo (Tierpark Hellabrunn).

As much as we enjoyed the baboons, the dogs were completely entranced. Here's Ella having a moment. When Louis started to bark, we had to move along. Until then, this part was quite fun.

I'm sure if you ask nicely, Michael will show you many more photos that he took from the Verkehrsmuseum (transportation museum), but I decided to include a photo of him standing in front of a Munich streetcar. There were some streetcars from the early 70s there, but this shot looked better.

There was a time, when we were much smaller/younger, when pulling Michael away from playing in this truck would've been much, much more difficult. He certainly enjoyed the few moments he allowed himself to daydream.

So, he's been talking about Strudel since long before he even boarded the plane to come here. He showed fortitude in waiting as long as he did, so we made sure that this part was ticked off our list. He said it was quite good. The whipped cream had a hint of vanilla, but he admitted that it could've been a bit sweeter. The Strudel itself was worth the wait.

Outside the Jagd- und Fischermuseum (Hunting and Fishing museum)
is this very attractive wild boar statue. Can you tell which one is me?

And the last thing before we went home for the evening was a bit of Eastern European street music. Accordion, xylophone and a double bass...was really quite good. Michael couldn't help himself from donating to the cause.

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