Tuesday, 22 February 2011

back to the roots

There hasn't been much to report here in Bavaria lately, but that's about to change. My brother Michael is coming to see me, and this isn't just any normal visit. He was born here in Munich in the early 70s, and he's never been back. Not once.

Since we were children, he's said that one day he wants to see where he was born. It's finally happening. So I've decided to chronicle our adventures here. There are so many tourist things that I've never got round to doing, so I'm using this trip as an excuse to see exactly those sorts of attractions.

His two daughters will certainly miss him, so this'll be a place they can look each day and see what their fat, old man is up to.

And for the rest of you, I hope this is moderately entertaining. The photo above is Michael sometime in 1973 or '74.


  1. Shirley's comment was very funny!
    Looking forward to Michael's arrival, does he look anything like you?

  2. When we were children, we looked nothing alike. But as we age, I think we do look more like one another.

  3. This was one of a series of pictures taken in Nov of 1973 in order to send pictures of you boys back to the States for Christmas.