Monday, 20 December 2010

a selection of Christkindlmärkte (Christmas Markets)

The more I read and hear about German Christmas markets outside of the Fatherland, the more apparent it is that I should be more grateful for where I live. We have such an abundance of these that you can even say things like, 'That one's got the best organic food.' Or, 'This one's the most traditional.'

So in the next few days, before all the people manning their Christmas Market stands pack up and go celebrate the holidays with their families, I'll be taking photos of the festivities. The photo above is from the entrance to the one in the English Garden under the Chinese tower.

Below I've included some photos from years past in Nürnberg:


  1. One should do a lovely series of awful X-mas markets! Whilst there are some real corkers in the North of Germany (not all good here either... dainty aroma of galicky mushrooms anyone?) 1st prize in absolute goadwafulness has to go to Edinburgh "German" X-mas market. There's a ferris wheel (oh yes) that looks like it didn't quite make the safety grade for the Festival of Britain in 1951, the smell is undescribably foul (onion, slightly off meat etc) and they conistently play Abba. I know all this as I had to change buses right outside its perimeter. Never having to see this particular market again is one of the great comforts of my life.

  2. It's really funny that you mention that market, because it was hearing about it that partly made me want to put some authentic photos here. No matter how bad it was, you make it sound worse.