Tuesday, 21 December 2010

The grandmama of Christmas Markets

Aside from the one in Nuremberg, this is the first goal and a nice introduction to Christkindlmärkte in Munich. It's the one on the Marienplatz, and although it's rather traditional and hyper commercial, it is the grandmama of all the ones around here.

Here are a few more photos I took of the sights:

The stands are uniform, but what they sell is anything but. On the left angels are on sale and next to them is Bavarian honey. Not real angels. Do you really think the Bavarians would allow real angels to be sold?

Not sure if you can have a Christkindlmarkt without Nutcrackers, but this one is in no danger of losing its credibility. Presenting the requisite Nutcrackers.

When one stumbles by stand after stand of this craftwork, it's relatively easy to forget how remarkable the creations really are. I'm assuming none of these pieces made of wood can be made by a machine. The hours of time invested to make these things sends my thoughts to elves at the North Pole. Well, until the ice up there all melts away.

First the wooden whirly birds, then the butterflies. Anything you can imagine carved out of wood-they just might have it. Within reason.

I like the Glühwein/Lebkuchen stand juxtaposed with Munich's own Apple store in the background.

And finally two shots of the tree that was felled in Garmisch-Partenkirchen. One from under the branches and another from a distance with the Neues Rathaus/New City Hall behind it.

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  1. Lovely photos at a lovely time of year. Giving me the shopping bug.