Monday, 24 May 2010

David and Goliath Mural in Regensburg

I've written about Regensburg on this blog before, but wanted to expand it a little bit. You're walking around this city that's so crucial to the history of the Church and Bavaria, as well as Germany, and have just seen a wall that's been around since Roman times. Can you fathom that? Really?

For me, that still floors me. A wall that's been standing there since the third century. Then you walk along and see this mural of David and Goliath. In Bavaria, they do this on the walls of many old buildings. You know the stories that matter to a Bavarian by which paintings he pus on his wall. In Regensburg (for the fellow who owned this house), David and Goliath were important. Everytime I round the corner and see this again, I smile a Cheshire grin. This big.

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