Friday, 28 May 2010

Landshut an der Isar

This is a small city about the same age as Munich. Roughly. Unlike Regensburg, which was a Roman outpost 2,000 years ago. Historically, the most important name in Landshut is George the Rich. He did everything apparently. The way the history books tell it, Landshut is on the map only because of his benevolence. Every four years they re-enact the wedding that this ruler had with his wife who was a Polish princess. It's called the Landshuter Hochzeit (Wedding). The townspeople take part in the festivities much like the citizens down in Oberammergau put on their little Passionspiel. The Landshuter Hochzeitisn't nearly as big a deal as the Passionspiel, but they make as much out of it as they can. They do ok.

The first two photos are from the Burg (castle/fort)on the hill, and the third one below is the Late-Gothic St Martin's Cathedral, as well as the main drag in town.

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